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Mastering the Art of political creativity 

Politicom was founded 1978 in Baltimore by Ken Lorick, Bob Holmes and the firm's Managing Partner, Arthur W. Murphy - a pioneering election consultant and campaign manager who was a member of one of Baltimore's most prominent political families. 

One of five children of prominent civil rights activists William H. Murphy Sr. and Madeline W. Murphy, Arthur Murphy spent almost 40 years in the political trenches starting in 1970, when he managed his father's breakthrough victory in a race for a judgeship on Baltimore's then white-dominated Municipal Court. Over the years, Politicom would go on to run many winning political campaigns in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Among their clients were former Virginia Govs. L. Douglas Wilder and Chuck Robb, who later was a U.S. senator, and state Sen. John A. Pica Jr. Mayor Sheila Dixon said that she had known Mr. Murphy for a long time and that Politicom helped on several of her campaigns. They successfully ran the Conaway citywide campaigns, recently getting Belinda Conaway elected twice as Baltimore's Register of Wills, and currently represents clients in six different states.


Campaign Management Packages:

Politicom will manage the day-to-day operations of your campaign, which consists of planning, implementing and ultimately executing the campaign operations you will need for success. Our expert consultants utilize software that helps to track and analyze voter data, integrating that within the overall campaign operations which helps to identify target voters, demographics and individual precinct data that will assist in turning out your vote.

We will provide you with daily services which include detailed and individualized call sheets, donation links and data entry software, combined with a state-of-the-art Content Management System that will help you identify donors, track your fundraising activities, provide real-time budgetary expenditures and financial solutions. Plus, we offer you unlimited support to ensure you are maximizing your potential with the voter and financial databases we provide, along with a 100% compliance guarantee. This includes:

-Voter Data Systems

-Polling and Voter Research Software

-Text and Email Marketing Services

-Predictive and Selective Dialer Services

-Customer Management Systems and Search Engine Optimization  

Communication Packages:

Politicom will provide your campaign with a comprehensive communications package which includes everything from crafting your overall campaign plan, complete with your win number, voter demographics and the strategic plan on how you achieve success; as well as provide you with the internal and external communications that will be needed for your campaign. Our dedicated staff members has decades of media relationships that we provide for you, which will help gain you access to reporters to articulate your message through print, radio, television or online news sources. We help create and strategically place your written communications, such as timely opinion pieces, letters to the editor or blogs, while helping you pitch your story to the right reporter in order to get your story told.

With over 300+ years of combined expertise, we help craft your communication plan that articulates a moving message that will reach your targeted audience, while helping to develop your talking points and briefing materials to ensure that you stay on message and remain consistent and precise while articulating your message to the voters. We have a full-range media studio, complete with green screen backdrops, audio and visual recording studios, green rooms, conference rooms and more.

We also provide the following services:

-Television, Radio, Print and Online Media Buys and Ad Placement

-Press Packets (Including Press Releases and Media Advisories)

-Stump and Campaign Speeches

-Call Sheets

-Campaign Logos and Letterhead

-Websites and Integrated Social Media Sites/Links

-Content and Graphics for campaign material (including literature, lawn signs, posters, etc...)

-Direct Mailing Services

-Audio and Visual Productions


Belinda K. Conaway, Register of Wills

Politicom is the firm I use for all my campaign and communications needs. From the days of Art Murphy, who helped my father and mother achieve great political success, to present day, and the uncanny abilities of their new managing team which created my entire communications strategy - including my television and radio PSAs; I've been blessed to have such tremendous professionals as my personal campaign firm.

Sheila Dixon, Former Baltimore City Mayor

I have the privilege to have worked with Politicom over the years, under both administrations; and the one constant was their overall production and professionalism that always led to creative solutions. Whether it was my early campaigns for city council, or my 2016 write-in candidacy for Mayor, Politicom rose to the occasion and offered quality services at affordable prices.